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Northwest Arkansas Jeep Club

About the Club

The NWA Jeep Club is a group of mostly jeep drivers and jeep enthusiasts from the Northwest Arkansas area. Out of sheer southern hospitality, we also welcome other forms of 4x4s and people from the surrounding areas.

1. This club has a FREE membership. Don't parts for our rides cost enough already?

2. You don't have to drive a jeep to join the group. Any 4x4 is fine, just know you may be made fun of. It's all in good fun though, so don't worry.

3. Don't have a jeep or other 4x4? No problem. I bet some of us have an extra seat belt or two for ya, so contact us and we'll get you set up as an Honorary Jeeper.

4. Spread the Word! You know you love getting compliments on your jeep. Next time you see one, tell the driver hello and let them know about the group. Most of you wave to one another anyway, why not go the extra mile?

5. To receive monthly updates or to become a member, get in touch with us. Check out the Contact Us page to find out how.